Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Timing is everything

If I would have shorted the last couple of weeks (and months) I would have been seriously hurt by now, so in this relentless market, Timing remains everything.

Here are some timing stuff, worth mentioning:

11/16/09H + 34 TD = 1/6
08/28/09H + 89 TD = 1/6
06/11/09H + 144 TD = 1/6

77 Wk Cycles: 8/20/02H(8/22)-2/10/04-8/3/05H-1/23/07H-7/15/08L- 1/6/10H.

The Master Cycle was looking for the next Major High anytime now, but the markets might be waiting on the
1/8 unemployment news at 8.30 EST.

My next Major Timing CIT is on 1/8-9.

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