Saturday, January 30, 2010

The MC and the 22 Month cycle

The Master Cycle was looking for a 1/11 High and sharp decline into February.

One other cycle that is supporting the MC is the 22 Month cycle of Lows (see chart) that is next due in February 2010.

There are 2 ways of counting the MC in CD or in TD, they interchange. The TD version was looking for a 1/27L and a brief rally, but the CD version just have us straight down, despite brief rallies, which has now become the dominant version.

Ever since the 1/19 highs, we have been straight down with 1-1 ½ TD counter trend rallies.
We should see Lower Lows in the coming days, with brief rallies along the way. The hourly, daily and weekly trends remain down. Keep it simple and trade with the trend.

In general we should be much lower soon.

Good Luck trading.

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