Monday, January 25, 2010

The Master Cycle 2010 stockmarket and Crash forecast

The Master Cycle is a Natural Law based Vedic Numerology Cycle that has been very precise and dominant in the market.
It is a Time Series Cycle, predicting precise future swing Highs and Low.
It doesn't always project the magnitude of the Price Highs and Lows.

The Master Cycle can and does fade or invert at anytime, so take it Fwiw, but when it is active it tends to be very precise for weeks and months. Of course we should NOT expect an exact repetition, but it should give you a general idea, as the Master Cycle can be amazingly PRECISE day by day. For this reason only, it has worth its price in gold.

It recently predicted the 9/2L, 12/18L and 1/11 Major High (see previous posts)and sharp decline afterward, which should continue into February 2010.

Just for fun, If there is enough interest (100+ requests), I will post the general MC forecast for the entire 2010 on this public blog by Option Expiration of next Month. It includes a crash period as well.

To request the forecast, please email If there is not enough interest (100+ requests) well then those that send me their request will simply receive it free by Option Expiration day 2/19/10, but I will limit it to the 1st 50 requests.


Anonymous said...

100 requests yet?

did you get 50 yet?



TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

I got over 200 request in the 1st 24 hours. On some boards, some were offended that I offered this for free, which was very unusual, so it might be better to send the report to anyone who request it privately and not post it on any public blog.