Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1/27/10 was the next MC swing Low

Today, 1/27/10 was the next Master Cycle (MC) swing Low. The Price target given was 1079-1085 SPX (see chart). We were looking for a reversal Up today.

The markets made a 1083.11 SPX Low, right in the target zone, right in the 1/27 double geometric and Solar timing CIT ( I love these solar CITs as they are 85-90% accurate) and right in the MC 1/27 Low, reversed up as expected, confirming that the Master Cycle is in active status. We completed wave 1 or A down. We should now see an oversold rally and then another down into February.

Note: I received over 200+ requests in the 1st 24 hours for the annual MC forecast. It might be wiser to just email the MC forecast to those that really want it, than to post it on any public forum (excepting ofcourse my own forum), so that we don't need to deal with those that are not interested, etc.

To get your report by 2/19/2010, all you'll need to do is email:

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TimeandCycles Intraday CITs said...

The ideal MC target was 1079 SPX by 1/27L, the actual Low was 1 TD later by 1/28L at 1078.46 SPX