Friday, November 15, 2013

Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast

From my last 11/4 public blog post: “The next Time and Cycle cluster to watch is on 11/7/13 as it is both a Solar and Cycle CIT.”

Forecast from the 11/4 Raj T&C weekend report: “We see a rally into 11/7 Solar CIT (Change in Trend) and then see a decline into 11/11 geometric and 11/12 Cycle CIT Low. From there we see a rally into 11/14 major High.”

Actual: We rallied into 11/7 Solar CIT High, retesting the 10/30 Solar CIT High and saw a sharp intraday reversal. 11/7 was both a High and Low. We then saw a minor pullback into 11/13 Low at Open, right at the 11/12 cycle CIT and are currently rallying into the 11/15 Solar CIT.

What’s next: We should make a Friday 11/15/13 Solar CIT major High that could spill into Monday 11/18/13 and see a sharp decline afterwards.

Squared dates from 4/26/10H
+64 = 6/28/10 (low)    +100 = 8/2/10 (high) 
+121 = 8/23/10 (low)  +196 = 11/5/10 (high
+225 = 12/5/10           16^2 = 256 = 1/7/11 Low
17^2 =  02/09/11        18^2 =  03/16/11 Low 
19^2 =  04/22/11         20^2 = 05/31/11 High => bulls eye hit 
21^2 = 7/11/11H-4     22^2 = 8/23/11 => 8/22/11 Low           
23^2 = 10/07/11L-3    24^2 = 11/23/11+2                           
25^2 = 1/11/12H         26^2 = 3/02/12 => 3/6/12 Low
27^2 = 4/24/12L-1      28^2 = 6/18/12 è 6/19/12 High
29^2 = 8/14/12 Miss   30^2 = 10/12/12 è 10/18/12H
31^2 = 12/12/12 miss   32^2 =2/13/13 miss
33^2 =4/19/13L 
34^2 =6/25/13L
35^2 =9/2/13=8/30L
36^2 = 11/12/13 => 11/15/13 Solar CIT High?

Next to the Squared Dates, mentioned above, there is also a regular 74 Trading Day Cycle that is due on 11/15.

From the annual Forecast made near the beginning of the year, on Feb 3, 2013:

Contrary to popular Opinion and despite plenty of large swings this year, we should still see a bullish 2013 that closes higher for the year.”

Actual: Overall, I am still looking for the market to end 2013 near their All time Highs, short term sharp pullbacks notwithstanding.


wiseman said...

ur good!!!

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Thanks Wiseman, This rally has more to go, so we could see more rally some time next week.

ckorey said...

Uncanny and impressive.

Do you talk about levels we could pull back too?

Thank you.

wiseman said...

do you think we are done with the sharp pullback after today?

wiseman said...

there is no stopping this thing

jj914 said...

Bears continue to get slaughtered while the talking heads and newsletter writers continue to be bearish. I guess this trend will continue at least to year end. The real question for Ian is what happens in January?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Wiseman and JJ,

We are certainly in a blow off phase and making a major High some time between late December 2013 and the 1st quarter of 2014. We should then see a massive Bear market. The key to any profits will be timing the next major High and major Low.

Best of Luck.

Bharath Prasannan said...

Respected Daneric,

Is it possible to you post Indian Nifty Chart?

Thanks in Advance,


Atharva said...

Dear Raj

updates if at all there any??