Sunday, February 3, 2013

A few Highlights of the 2012 annual forecast and the 2013 outlook

Highlights of the 2012 annual forecasts sent out near the beginning of (February) 2012.

"The 202 CD/139TD Cycle: is next due in late April 2012 and Mid November 2012

"November 2012 has a triple cluster of cycles due between 11/5-16
The 132 wk/635TD cycle is next due in November 2012.
The 202 CD/139TD Cycle: is next due in November 2012

The NDX 66 week Cycle: is next due in November 2012.
3/24/00H-5/22/01H- 10/10/02L-1/22/04H-4/20/05L-7/18/06L-4/26/10H-8/9/11L-

Actual: The 139 TD was the 140 TD Cycle that saw a: 5/1/12H and 11/16/12 major Low.

"Major Time CIT for 2012:
Geometric CIT: I have a double Long term Geometric CIT due
June 6-8 2012."

"The MasterCycle, the annual forecast model and the January model all suggests a bullish 2012 that closes near its Highs of the year."

Actual: In trading days, the triple CIT focused  all on 1 day: Friday 6/1, a few hours away from the Monday 6/4 Low of the year at 1266.74 SPX. 2012 was a bullish year and closed higher for the year.

Forecast for 2013.
We should see alot of volatility in the coming year as there are some Crash cycles active that are clustering in certain critical months. The Long term geometric Time CITs have been marked on the Calendar and all the various Master Cycles and fixed cycles clusters for 2013 has been noted.

Contrary to popular Opinion and despite plenty of large swings this year, we should still see a bullish 2013 that closes higher for the year.  Be prepared.


HousewifeMaggi said...

Do you give master roadmap for 2013 for paid members?

Unknown said...

Are you saying that we could have a correction of 10% or more, but end up closing higher by the end of the year?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

HousewifeMaggi, yes the subscribers gets all this information 2-3 weeks ahead of time. I used to give the entire annual report in early Feb, but over time I have noticed it gets scattered all over the internet, now members will be alerted 2-3 weeks ahead of time.

Unknown, exactly, we could see a 20% decline, but still recover near end of the year. It is next year that will be a disaster.

Marketguy said...

all your comments last summer were that 2013 was going to be a bearish year (even very bearish), why the change now?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

I got a statistical indication with a 90% odds we close higher this year

Marketguy said...

"everyone" thinks we are going higher this year (even individual investors are piling in hand over first). remember your 40 yr cycle and the Chinese view on the next few years? look at sentiment to boot.

Suren said...

Do you see the 20% decline in the next two months or in the 2nd half of the year?