Monday, October 15, 2012

Mars Rahu aspect and the November Elections cycles

I mentioned Mars was conjunct Rahu (Moon's North Node) on 10/2 back in August 2012,
which became the 10/5 major High.

I had a quadruple geometric 10/12-15 CIT (triple on 10/12, 1 on 10/15) that became the 10/12 Low.

The NDX has a regular 37 TD Cycle due around 10/25 time frame, most likely a Low.

There is a cluster of cycles all due in November 2012,  first mentioned about 9-10 months ago in the 2012 T&C forecast. This suggests some fireworks are due in the November Election month.


Gaurav Gupta said...

Do you suggest that the markets are expected to rally into the elections?

Marketguy said...

of course the 10/5 major high was identified as a major "low" for weeks prior to that date (in all fairness to anyone reading this).

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Gaurav, The markets arre expected to rally into OE week as last week was down into the 10/12 triple CIT Low, whihc was also a square of Price and Time.

Marketguy, The 10/2 Mars conjunct Rahu aspect is not exact,as it could be +/- week or 2, but it is important to note it as an important 10/5 High, after careful evaluation.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

As noted in both the NDX and SPX chart 10/5 was the APEX of the wedge CIT High

Raj Time and Cycles said...

It is even possible the Mars Rahu aspect was the 10/12 Low.

The fact is, all Astro aspects are +/- a few weeks and not always exact, it can never be used as a stand alone timing technique.

I use other more precise timing techniques to pinpoint the Highs and Lows, like the 10/5 Apex CIT High or the 10/12 quadruple geometric CIT.