Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cycle Update: 9/10 High, 9/11 Low, up into 9/17 High

From the Daily Email 9/12 update:
"The recent active Cycle found, has been in the markets for over 5 months now, since the 4/2/12 High has seen many high Quality solid hits, with no Inversions (which is ideal) and all Pivots, all predicted Highs and Lows are often exact or +/- 1 TD and suggests the 9/11 Solar CIT was a LOW and we should rally into 9/17-18 Solar CIT.  I have not found a cycle this precise in many months. It suggests tomorrow 9/13 (Fed Day) will be a strong Up day and is Up into 9/17H"

This Cycle predicts: 9/10H,  9/11L, next is up into 9/17 High.

Actual: 9/10 High, 9/11 Low, Strong Up on FED Day as predicted and higher ever since the 9/11 Low.

I have not found a cycle this precise and active in many months.

Normal cycles versus Master Cycles 

With any of the Master Cycle and other cycles that are considered "active", all predicted Highs and Lows are +/- 1 TD.

The main rule that I use is the Cycle is not considered active, ie it will be incorrect,  if it exceeds this 1 TD variance of predicted Highs and Lows.

The benefit is you will know right away if the cycle is incorrect within 1-2 Trading days. If the Cycle is not active it should not be used for future predictions of Highs and Lows.

Other "normal" cycles, does not have this kind of accuracy, as all of them are +/- a couple of weeks.


Unknown said...

Hi thanks for the update. If this cycle is accurate in putting in a high on 9/17 will this be a short term or long term high? much appreciated.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Cycles suggests it will be a short term 9/17 High +/-1

Unknown said...

Raj, I was wondering if you have the next cycle low after the 9/17 +/- H? Thanks, I appreciate your work..

Raj Time and Cycles said...

The 9/17 Cycle high arrived 1 TD earlier at the 9/14 High.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reply...have you determined the next CIT date? Thx

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Yes, the next Highs and Lows are determined for the next 2 weeks, but I have to keep that for my subscribers.

stevesteve121 said...

is your cycle looking for higher levels for next week?