Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cycles, the Banks and the US Dollar Time CITs

All Cycles in general expand and contract, the only exception is when the Master Cycles are active, they predict precise Highs and Lows. All cycles in general though are not that precise, like the 187 week Cycle that has either contracted or expanded as it was looking for a 6/25 week major Low (see previous posts).

There are some Master Cycles (MC) that are active right now. To supplement the Master Cycles, We look at the various markets that has important Time CIT turning points:

The next major Time CIT to watch is on: 7/11-12, that is a triple CIT in the Banks (see chart above), a Solar and a geometric CIT. The Banks has resistance at 47.20 and also has a 8/23-24 Time and Cycle CIT.

The Dollar Chart had a fixed 75 TD Cycle that was due on 6/29.
The Dollar Time CITs are on 7/23 and 8/3

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