Friday, June 29, 2012

Review of the 187 week Panic cycle and what's next

From the previous post: "Of course, all cycles do expand and contract, but it is interesting that there is an unusual 6/22-26 Time & Cycle Cluster in the coming Panic Cycle week."

The  recent 6/22-26 Time Cluster was the 6/25 Low of the week, which was a solid hit. The previous Time Cluster was the triple Long term CIT due on Friday 6/1, which was the Monday 6/4 Major Low.   Both Time clusters were direct hits and important Lows.

The regular 187 week Panic Cycle due this past week has either contracted to 184.5 weeks to the 6/4 Major Low or will expand into the near by future date as we saw on the 5/22/01 High, which was one of the 186 week Cycle dates. This makes the July Month an interesting month to watch.

There are some upcoming Time & Cycle Clusters in the month of July that should be important Highs and Lows to monitor. The current active Master Cycles focuses on 3 important July Dates in the nearby future. The Banks has an upcoming triple Time & Cycle CIT cluster that should mark an important turning point. It should cause some large price movements.

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