Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cycle Update: 7/19 High, 7/25 Low

From the previous post: "The next couple of weeks should be interesting to watch and will determine the direction of the next couple of months afterwards."

From last weekend's 7/20 Email: "The 3 active cycles,  so far agreed on the 7/3H, 7/12L and 7/19H and all agree we see at least a 7/25 Low, where the 10 TD Hurst cycle Low is due, but then these cycles diverge."

From the 7/25 daily Email: "The 7/23 Solar CIT and 7/25 geometric CIT could have been a 7/24 Low... The speculative path indicates July 25 Low and up into XXX"

Result: The markets saw a 7/24 Low of the week, fulfilling the 7/23 Solar and 7/25 geometric CIT. Globex was lower on 7/25 and reversed strongly the rest of the week.  

The rally was stronger than expected, but remains within a large 60 SP sideways channel since the 6/19 High (see SPX Daily above), for the last 5 weeks now, with major channel resistance at 1392-1396 SPX  in  the coming week.  

In the mean time, 2 cycles remains dominant with the 7/24-25 Low. The coming week will be most interesting to watch closely as very large moves are forecasted by these 2 dominant cycles.


Unknown said...

Are the very large moves positive or negative? Thanks for you chart.

Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for the update. What do your cycle indicate for this week? are they positve or negative? thanks