Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cycles Update: 7/2-3 High, down to 7/11-12 Low

From 2 weeks ago and in the 7/2 weekend Email: 
"This rally should complete ideally into the 7/2-3 Solar, geometric and Time and Price Square"
"Various Master Cycles General Bias: 7/2-3H, down to 7/11 Low"

On the last public blogpost on 7/3:
 'There are some Master Cycles (MC) that are active right now. To supplement the Master Cycles, We look at the various markets that has important Time CIT turning points:
The next major Time CIT to watch is on: 7/11-12, that is a triple CIT in the Banks (see chart above), a Solar and a geometric CIT."
and more recent via email: "Shorter term the 10 TD Hurst Cycle has topped out and we are now down into 7/11 Lows +/-2. The Banks has a triple 7/11 CIT and there is a 7/11 Solar and geometric CIT there as well, ideally a Low"

So Far, so good, we topped out on 7/3 cycle High and are now down into 7/11-12 Time CIT and Master Cycles Low. We should see a rally into Option Expiration week.

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