Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Master Cycle2 update and Gann360's Symmetry chart

"So far the 2/29 MC High and 2/29 geometric and Apex CIT (Change in Trend) still stands.  
There is a 3/3 Solar CIT that is ideally a lower retest High today. We should now at least see a multi week decline begin."
The 2/29 Master Cycle High was a Bulls-eye Hit. We got a final confirmation with today's decline that 2/29 was the High for this move. The wedge formation suggests a sharp decline. First major support to overcome is 1337-40 SPX, the 2/10-15 swing low.

Take a look at Gann360's chart (click on chart to enlarge, you can follow "Gann360" on Twitter), who is a member of our T&C forum:
This is the symmetry point:

1. +471 CD = 10/4/11L, -471 CD = 3/6/09L
2. +619 CD = 2/29/12H ,-618 CD = 10/10/08L
3. +678 CD = 8/11/08H, -678 CD = 4/28/12 High/Low?


USIKPA said...

Thanks Raj,

I have been following Gann360, very sharp time and price vybrations

stevesteve121 said...

was this violent snap back predicted by your cycle(s)?

basically took back the entire dropout



beetlejuice said...

Every cycle timer I have checked has called the top of this market and yet EVERY single one has got this market completely WRONG.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Steve and beetlejuice,

I was looking for a mere ABC correction from the 2/29 Highs before we continue to rally.

We are now in a B wave rally, with a C wave decline to come.

beetlejuice said...

Wait a sec, what about your previous article on the 120 year mega crash wave?

So now you are saying new highs after the ABC is complete?

Very conflicting.

stevesteve121 said...

so this B wave CAN NOT exceed the feb 29 high is that correct?

Raj Time and Cycles said...


The 120 year crash cycle is just one cycle of the many cycles I watch, it is not the most dominant right now.

I believe 2012 should be a choppy, volatile year, but I have many reasons to believe 2012 will end positive.

Steve, yes, that would be the ideal situation.

stevesteve121 said...

so what now?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Steve, I still think we are in a B wave rally, albeit an Irregular B wave.