Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"Monday's (1/9) intraday cycle is normally biased to be up and the MC2 agrees as it suggests a large up day, above the 10/27 Highs at 1293 SPX."

From last night' update:
"Please be aware, even though the MC2 tends to repeat with near perfection, it can deviate on a day by day basis, so today’s (1/9) expected rally may still manifest tomorrow
"1/10: Tuesday (1/10) intraday cycle is normally biased to be lower and the MC2 agrees we close lower for the day.

We are on a Mebob Sell right now, so be alert for the possibility that today's 1/10 MC forecast  and intraday Cycle could trend lower the rest of the day. This ofcourse, doesn't say anything about the coming days.

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