Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Forecast vs Actual and what's next?
Forecast on 1/6/12: "The Master Cycle2 (MC2) for the next 3 days, into 1/10 looks bullish with targets above the 10/27 Highs at 1293 SPX. Tuesday 1/10 is also the next Solar CIT (the last one was on 1/2, which was the 1/3 High)."

Actual: The markets rallied above the 1293 SPX into 1/10 High in the 1st hour at 1296.46 SPX.
The 1/9 actual Solar CIT was the 1/10 High in the 1st hour.

What's Next? 
We have made 3 higher Lows, 10/4/11L, 11/25/11L, 12/19/11L and we made a higher High above the 10/27 High.
This is outright bullish, until of course the trend changes, but for now though, all trends are Up,  so why fight the obvious trend?
The MC2 sees some more sideways to up days, frustrating the Bears, it is not over, until it is over.

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