Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Master Cycle yearly forecast review and the 2012 MC forecast

A year or so ago, on 2/19/11, I made a public yearly forecast on the basis of the Master Cycle. 

Review: "The Master Cycle (MC) (click on chart to enlarge) suggest generally we should see a solid 1st Half year into June 2011, which should be the HIGH of 2011 and then weaker in the 2nd Half of the year"

Actual: We saw a rally into 5/2/11 HOY (High of the Year) and a lower High in July 2011, close enough to the projected June 2011 High. From that high we saw a sharp 300 SP decline into 10/4/11 Major LOY (Low of the year).  We then saw a choppy recovery into the end of 2011.

Since June 2011, the Master Cycle2 has been dominant for many months as shown in the current chart.  In the coming weeks, the Master Cycle forecast for 2012 will be completed, which is reserved for regular (3 Mo+) subscribers only.   2012 should be full of surprises to many.


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