Monday, October 31, 2011

The dominant Master Cycle 2

The Master Cycle2 (MC2) is the most dominant cycle that I currently have as it has been more accurate than the others.  It predicted the following Highs and Lows:

1. 07/07/11H
2. 07/21/11H
3. 08/10/11L
4. 08/22/11L
5. 09/12/11L
6. 09/18/11H
7. 10/03/11 major Low (+1).
8. Ever since the 10/4 Lows, it was looking for higher into 10/28 high (in trading days).

Please remember that the MC does not always predict Price magnitude and has its hot and cold moments as it may have some misses, but overall it has been pretty much in the markets.

So what is next?

For starters, today 10/31 should be a short term 1 day sharp pullback cycle Low. Of course there are other swing Highs and Lows in the nearby future, but today is the next solar 10/31 CIT date that I have and we are declining into it and as the solar CITs have a good 84-90% record of forecasting the next turning point, it is highly likely 10/31 should be a Low.


stevesteve121 said...

Thanks for the update Raj.

when does the cycle predict to be the next high?

Unknown said...

Put/Call ratio still too high for a sustained declined, but who knows. Five waves up from the 10/4/11 low may have completed wave C or 2 of an irregular flat. Meaning bear rallly could be finished. We may have one more high if not finished.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Steve, let's see first when this decline bottoms, to see if the cycles are correct. Ideally we see a spillover decline tomorrow.

Unknown agreed the rally phase os not yet complete.