Tuesday, November 1, 2011


"For starters, today 10/31 should be a short term 1 day sharp pullback cycle Low. Of course there are other swing Highs and Lows in the nearby future, but today is the next solar 10/31 CIT date that I have and we are declining into it and as the solar CITs have a good 84-90% record of forecasting the next turning point, it is highly likely 10/31 should be a Low."

 "The ideal target is 1221 SPX, if it follows the same price magnitude as the MC2, but price is not a guarantee." 

It looks like we will reach the 1221 SPX target this morning as Globex is down -36 SP's.

We have declined into 10/31 Solar and 11/1-2 geometric CIT and cycles suggests a Low right here.


The Low may be in at this morning's 11/1 Low and possibly the Low of the week. The FEd meets 11/2.

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