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Vedic Astro transits in December 2010

This is what I posted back in early December:

Vedic Astro transits in December 2010:

There are 3 important Astro events in December that should have an influence on the stock markets:
1. 12/10 Mercury goes retrograde from 12/10-29. On 12/29 it goes Direct. These are often CITs.
2. 12/11 Mars conjuncts Rahu (Moon’s North Node) in Mula Nakshatra (Star group), which is star group of destruction.
3.  12/21 is a Lunar Eclipse.

From Vedic astrologer James Kelleher: “Mars and Rahu conjunct on December 11th in Mula nakshatra in the first part of Sagittarius. This is a volatile conjunction. It is accident-prone, explosive, and unpredictable. It can give unexpected flare-ups of anger. Mula Nakshatra is ruled by Niritti, a goddess of destruction. The shakti (power) of this nakshatra is the power of destruction. So you might want to steer clear of the week before and after December 11th when it comes to risk-taking activities. For example, you might want to rethink that appointment to do your first bungee jump at that time.”

Infact Mars, Rahu and Mercury are in the same House and Sign of Sagittarius, ever since Late 11/29 Major Low, when the stock markets made their Low of the week. Notice the Mars Rahu conjunction occurs on 12/11, in the weekend of the expected High. On 12/6 Moon will join this same Sign for 2 days, until 12/8 and on 12/16 the Sun will join, Mars, Rahu and Mercury in Sagittarius. On 12/22 Mercury will transit backward into Scorpio. It is not until 1/7/2011 that Mars will leave Rahu’s House. We need to watch these Astro transit dates: 12/8 , 12/10-11*, 12/16 , 12/21-22, 12/29 and 1/7/11 for potential CITs in the markets.

Notice all the Astro CITs have been working wel as short term CITs!

12/8, when Moon left the Sagittarius House, it was a 12/8 short term swing Low,
12/10-11* weekend conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the Sagittarius House was the Monday 12/13H.
12/16, when the Sun enters the Sagittarius House, along with Mars, Rahu and Mercury was the 12/16 Low.

Next 3 transits to watch is:

1. 12/21-22, the 12/21 Lunar Eclipse and 12/22, when Mercury leaves the Sagittarius House
2. 12/29, Mercury goes direct on 12/29
2. 1/7/11, When the great malefic Mars finally leaves the Sagittarius House.

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Fibocycle said...

well Done.

Trading mercury Rx is often quite profitable--especially with grains. Wheat will sometimes be at the same level--or geometric harmonic--90-120-180... then themercury returns to direct motion as it was when it went retro.

It is interesting to watch planets and how they correspond to the growing period or in the case of cattle, hogs--the period of time from birth until they meet their demise at the slaughter house--approximately 2-3 years. Using these metrics you can use
mercury & venus to trade wheat, beans, corn--a growing season
Mars to trade cattle hogs--coffee since it takes 2 years for coffee plants to mature etc.

Figure out the important time periods for various commodities..find a planetary orbital period OR Earth planet synodic period and watch them with the underlying commodity.