Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On Cycle Watch, 12/7 high?

As mentioned in my previous 12/2 post, the Master Cycle is active again with 5 Hits and was looking for higher Highs above the 11/5 Highs, which has now occurred. So what's next?

There are 2 dominant Cycle that I am watching, one is my Master cycle that has us generally higher into January and March 2011, before a larger correction takes place. The other is the Major cycle that has been in the market for the last 6 months and is due top out soon. It will be interesting to see which one is more dominant.

There is one very long term cycle I mentioned on the T&C forums and elsewhere that tops out today, 12/7/10. I don't think this is the dominant Cycle right now, so here it is: 

The 29,455 CD Cycle:

1. 09/03/29 Major High = 04/26/10 High
2. 11/13/29 Major Low  = 07/06/10 Low (Actual 07/01/10L)
3. 04/16/30 Major High = 12/07/10 High

We will see if this one works or not, the current bias is the Master Cycle will be correct and we see higher Prices into next year.


SPX and NDX TimeandCycles said...

There are plenty of reasons for a Top here:

1. 29,455 suggests 12/7 cycle Major high.
2. VIX is at long term support
3. Merlin has today as a High
4. Parker has today as the MFI High
5. Al's Xtides has a High today as well

BUT the dominant cycles are suggesting higher, so we'll see, which will be correct.

Quality Stocks said...

Thanks......Keep up the good work