Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dominant Cycles Update

I mentioned on 12/2 that my Master Cycle was active again with 5 Hits:


11/1L, 11/09H, 11/16L, 11/26H (11/25H), 11/29L, next 12/13-14 High

Today should be the next short term High according to the Master and Major Cycle, which has been in the markets for quite some time now.  Today, 12/14 is also the next Daily Geometric CIT. 

If the Master Cycle continues to be correct, which i think it will be, then 2011 will provide plenty of large swings up and Down that should be highly profitable. I won't want to miss them. It should be an exciting year for everyone who plays these large swing Highs and Lows right.


Yash said...

about 70 TD cycle -- it produces top or bottom? and not necessary one after another .. so how you know if it is going to be top or bottom? e.g. next 70day TD may be around early Feb 2011. So whatever is trend you assume will change around 70 TD cycle?

SP Emini TimeandCycles said...

Yash, yes the 70 TD Cycle could be a High or Low.

I use my dominant Cycles to tell me if it is going to be a High or a Low.

Yash said...

thanks. I thought so. I also have early Feb as important asto date followed by some date in April (I have to dig through) .. what is current thought of Feb early date .. high or low?

Anonymous said...

when is the next turn date for the master cycle i.e. if 12/14 was a high when is the next low?

SP Emini TimeandCycles said...

Mouth, these are short term swings only, in general the Master Cycle has us Higher into January 2011