Monday, April 2, 2018

The Master Cycle Update: 3/23L, 3/27H, 4/2H

The latest Tradersworld Magazine will be published in early April, which has my recent article on the Master Cycle. When it comes out, I will publish it here. 

Below is the forecast conclusion of that article.

In my 3/17 post, "The MC suggests a 3/20 Low +/-1 and start a rally phase into the next short term swing High."

Actual: The decline lasted into 3/23 Apex CIT and Time Cluster Low, which was posted here

The Master cycle can expand and contract at times and as it arrived 2-3 days later than expected at the 3/23 Low, the MC was adjusted to fit the actual 3/23 Low. It then needed 3 future hits to become active again.

From the Raj T&C 3/24 weekend Email: "The MC +3 suggests: 3/23L, 3/27H, 4/2 lower High, then a sharp decline into April Lows" 

Actual: We made a 3/23L, rallied into 3/27H and saw another 3/29H lower High, 1 day earlier so far.

What's next:  The MC is suggesting a relative sharp decline into XXX April Lows.

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