Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Master Cycle (MC) still remains on track

From 3/1 public Time and Cycles blog post: The MC remains on track and suggests we see a 3/1-2 Low at the 3/2 Geo and 3/3 Solar time CIT and start a rally phase into the next short term swing High”

From 3/2 T&C Daily Email:  From the 3/2L, the MC and Bitcoin Cycles were looking for a  rally into 3/9-12H , followed by a  decline in Option Expiration (OE)  week and into 3/19-20 Lows”

Actual: We made a 3/2 Low and then rallied 154.58 SP’s into 3/13 High in the 1st half hour. We then declined 60.43 SP’s so far and it is expected to continue into 3/20 Low as the MC suggested. Normally OE week is bullish, but the MC suggested a decline, which we have now seen.

Many believe that a historic cycle with such precision is unheard of or virtually impossible, but the current MC begs to differ, eventhough it was not easy to find (the last time such an uncanny cycle was found was more than a year ago).

What’s next: The MC suggests a 3/20 Low +/-1 and start a rally phase into the next short term swing High. The MC suggests there are many more whipsaw rallies and declines to come and suggests you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The next public MC update will be in a month or so.
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Miguel Sureda said...

Your work is fascinating.
Given the fact that the 40, 41 cd bitcoin cycle shows a ONE day low and then higher , projected for March 22.,and that the March 22 date is an infamous 55 cd from Januari 26 as you have put it earlier, do you think it is possible that we will see a huge waterfall flash crash for one day only and then recuperation until April 2?
A slightly lowerlow early on March 19 as you anticipate would fill the gap and land on valid trend lines before the move up unti March 22 or 21 , vix oprion expiration date, that would give the newyork bankers the opportunity to kill all the vix longs as well after they killed the vix shorts in January.
Then a flash crash and after one day again up would be a master kill.
Interesting to hear your thoughts on the above.

Monsao said...

Raj is this the rally phase you spoke of?


Raj Time and Cycles said...

Monsao, right. At rare times the MC can be off a little more than 1 day, but if the MC continues to decline beyond today, it will be incorrect. In any case, the MC was looking for a brief rally afterwards.