Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Updated Bitcoin Cycle

I first discovered a  Bitcoin cycle shifted 40-41 CD to predict the SPX back  on 2/5/18.

My friend Georg from upon my request updated the Bitcoin Chart shifted +44. here are the results. The Updated Bitcoin Cycle supports the Master Cycle (MC) and the two other active Cycles suggesting an 4/18 major High. Please note the MC, which has precedent, has a different path than the Bitcoin cycle after some time.  

Saturday, April 14, 2018

S&P 500 Index vs BitCoin | shifted 44 Calendar Days

The correlation between Bitcoin prices shifted 44 Calendar Days into the future and the S&P 500 was discovered by Raj Time and Cycles (HERE + HERE). The correlation cycle is not perfect; it contracts and stretches ± 2 calendar days. Currently a 44 calendar day correlation points to a major high in the S&P 500 around April 17 (Tue).

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BobR said...

Raj - do you look at cycles in Oil? If so, would be really interested to hear your views on it as it seems to be defying all rational thinking for the past several weeks as it continues to ramp upwards.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Bob, I look at crude in the weekend Updates, the chart is in an up channel, with resistance at 71.56.

Monthly crude bottomed at the 37 month cycle back in June 2017 Low, before that there was a 50 month cycle that bottomed in Feb 2016 Lows, will posta chart soon.