Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Master Cycle Update

Forecast from our public 2/15 blogpost: "The Master Cycle is expecting a short term 2/16H"

Forecast from 2/22 T&C Update: "The adjusted MC, shifted +1 and the Bitcoin Cycles, suggesting a 2/22L, then a continued rally for 2 more days 2/26H, before we see a decline. The 2 cycles above are now pretty much identical "

Actual: The Master Cycle (MC) topped out at the 2/16H as expected, declined into 2/22L, rallied 2-3 days strongly into 2/27H in 1st hour and has since declined into today's Lows.

What's next: The MC remains ontrack and suggests we see a 3/1-2 Low at the 3/2 Geo and 3/3 Solar time CIT and start a rally phase into the next short term swing High.

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Paul said...

Do you think the stock market has finally topped, now that interest rates are going to be heading higher etc.? If so, after the upcoming bounce ends would be pretty good timing for going short.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Paul, I don't believe we are at major yearly Highs yet. Shorter term, we are looking for the next tradable siwng High and swing Low, the rallies and decline could still be pretty dramatic and profitable, if you are invested correctly.