Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Daytraders Intraday Time and Cycles 3/7

Intraday 5 min SPX CIT (Change in Trend = High or Low) Times 3/07/18: 9.35, 2.05-10 pm Eastern

1. After a Sharp gap Lower at the Open/9.35 CIT Low, we have a 90% chance we rally into a 1st hour 10.30 Cycle High

2. The intraday cycle, after a spillover 9.40 Low, sees a 1st hour High, midday High and last hour High.

3. If the midday High is higher than the 1st hour High, it suggests a last hour highest High.

4. Current bias is 9.35 CIT is the Low of Day (LOD) or the 2.05-10 pm double CIT Low will be the LOD

5. There is an 80% chance we see a last hour High of Day (HOD).

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Mike Fischer said...

Thank You for posting your thoughts on Wednesdays market action Mr Raj. ...btw... at 7:00 pm pst the SPX futures are down -28 and the fair value is down -31.62.

Good Luck & all the Best

Witold Strzałkowski said...

Congratulations Mr Raj !