Thursday, February 15, 2018

The dominant Master Cycle: Review & Forecast

Forecast made on Feb 5 on the T&C public blog: "If this Bitcoin SPX Analog cycle remains active, we are generally lower into 2/9 Crash Lows, then Up into 2/15-16 SPX Highs. The BIG Question is how long will this correlation last??"

Forecast from Feb 5: "The Master Cycles now looking for 2/6H and another decline into 2/9 major Low,  then rally into 2/15-16H. Both the MC and the bitcoin Analog are looking for a  2/9L and 2/15-16H"

Actual: We made a 2/7H, declined sharply to 2/9 major Lows and have rallied sharply into 2/15H so far.

A Master Cycle (MC) is an actual historic cycle with a proprietary numerology, that repeats exactly day by day and is off at most 1 day. The Master Cycle has to have at least 3-5 direct recent "hits" to become dominant and when it does, it becomes the most powerful predictive tool anyone can have as it is worth its price in Gold as it can bring Dawn of Fortune in a relative short time. The Master Cycle can last for weeks and months or it can stop working at anytime, so Caveat emptor. 

I have not found a Master Cycle that has been working this good in many years, so enjoy it while it last.

The Bitcoin Analogy was made public on 2/5, because The Master Cycle, which has precedent above all other cycles, said the same thing, from 2/9L we rally into 2/15-16H, but the MC is suggesting a different path after 2/15-16H.

The dominant Master Cycle (MC) in Trading days (TD) currently has 8 hits (pink vertical lines on chart above): 

1. 11/15/17L-1
2. 12/15/17L-1
3. 12/29/17L, 
4. 1/26/18HH 
5. crash into 2/5/18L+1.  
6. 2/6/18H+1. 
7. 2/9/18L
8. 2/16/18H

What's next: The Master Cycle is expecting a short term 2/16H+/-1.

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Peter Lo said...

Are you absolutely confident in you stating "at most 1 day"? You may want to check your past calls.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Yes, ofcourse all cycles are +/-1 day, you can not expect perfection on any trade, eventhough I will keep trying to do so. I told my subs and here publicly many times, we were looking for a 2/9-12 major Low and on 2/9 I told subs to take profits. We try our best to be as perfect as possible, but it won't always work and btw, No one and I do mean No one in this Business are as exact as this, if you find anyone, then please let me know.

Monsao said...

I have a cycle that occurs on any day that ends in "Y".....its 100% accurate! Pssst.......don't tell anyone.


All kidding aside..........great work Raj.........truly.......unique!
Good luck everyone!!

Peter Lo said...

I completely agree with you Raj regarding no one is perfect, but you've said on many occasions that your cycles were spot on which isnt the case. I understand youre trying to promote your business, but i appreciate the timers so much more when they mentioned their mistakes and explain it and how to overcome it. Like you said no one is perfect but they sure act like their perfect.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Yes, It is nice to be a perfectionist and an Idealist, but at times you have to be practical and TMAR (Take the money and run).

Jeff said...

What is next for the Master Cycle sir?