Friday, February 23, 2018

The Master Cycle

The MC is now so refined and suggests you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Miguel Sureda said...

My view:
Unclear if 4th Elliott wave is finished or not.
If so wave 3 has seen minor 1 and 2 and is moving to wave 3.3.1 to double top,by thuesday with a sharp wave 3.3.2 to 2550 before moving to ATH reaching out to 3250 by April 7.
If wave 4 is not finished, first move to fill the gap at 2860 on feb 27,and then crash on feb 28 , finishing wave 4 on march 2. Target 2450. Target 2 2350.
And then up to 5th wave. With finish either in April or in August.
Does that fit with your Master cycle?