Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Only a Fool...

The markets are like a slippery eel, if you are not very very precise, you would have missed  the recent sharp 100 SP+ declines and rallies. Being off by 1-11/4 Trading days is not good enough and makes a world a difference and makes one look like a fool, so we got to do better than that.

To improve/refine the current performance, we need to count precise trading days to get more accuracy. The Master Cycle (MC) and Bitcoin Cycle suggested:

1.  6 TD down from 1/26H, which was then 2/5L (The low was at the Open 2/6L)
2. A one day wonder sharp rally into 2/6H (The High was 1/4 day later at 2/7H at 11.15H)
3. Next it is looking for 3 TD down, that brings us to Monday 2/12 (instead of 2/9), etc...

Only a fool makes these kind of precise bold predictions public.

Only a fool challenges the market Gods to prove him wrong by a continued rally the next few days to higher Highs, making the MC and Bitcoin Cycle DOA (Dead on arrival), but the good news is we will know in the next day or so...

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