Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The late Nov to early Dec 2017 T&C Cluster & 132 week Cycle

From my last public post, I was looking for an "Upcoming December swing High"

The 66 wk/132 wk cycle is well known by various technical analysts. I first heard about the 132 week cycle back in late 1990's from the now retired Chuck Plank, editor of the Golden Touch Newsletter. He once correlated 3 major Highs to 3 major Lows with the 132 week Cycle.

01/14/00H +131.71 wks = 07/24/02L
03/24/00H + 132.86 wks = 10/10/02L
09/01/00H + 131.71 wks = 03/12/03L

The 66 wk/132 week cycle can also be found in the NDX Cycle below

Fro many weeks now we had a major Time and Cycle (T&C) Cluster starting from 11/24 into 12/5 Time Cluster, along with the 55 week and 132 week cycle due in that same time frame: "The next T&C Cluster is 11/24-12/4, with a 11/23 Solar, 11/24-27-28-29 Quadruple Geo CIT & 12/1 Solar and 12/4-5 triple Geo CIT along with the major 132 week Cycle due 12/1+/-

Actual: The NDX  topped out at the 11/28/17 High, right at channel resistance, while the SPX topped out at the 12/4/17 High, at the 12/1 Solar and 12/4-5 triple Geo time CIT,  piercing its long term channel resistance since the March 2009 Low, when the current Bull market began.

What's Next: From 12/4H, we started a decline that should lasts into the next major Time and Cycle Cluster. We are currently researching the Top 5-10 major Time & Cycle Clusters (Major Turning Points) for 2018, which should be very rewarding to find.

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