Monday, December 25, 2017

The Dominant 96 TD Cycle was the 12/18/17 swing High

***Happy Holidays!***

 In my last 12/11 Update, I mentioned we were looking for another High in December due to a cycle I have mentioned many times in the last few years on my blog.

It is the dominant 96 Trading day (TD) Cycle in the Emini SP. If you look carefully at this cycle on the chart above, it has been often exact and at times off by maximum 1 or 2 TD. The next 96 TD Cycle CIT was due 12/20/17 and was the 12/18 swing High.

What's next: 12/18 was also a Solar and double Geometric swing High. As bullish momentum remains strong and all trends remains firmly up, we need a solid reversal lower to confirm the highs are in and then we should now see a decline into Jan 2018. 

Are you ready for 2018? It should be an eventfull year with many major turning points.

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