Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The upcoming December 2017 Swing High

From my 11/14 T&C blog post: "We bottom at the 11/13-15 triple CIT and start a rally"

Actual: We bottomed at the 11/15L and has since rallied into today. 

Since early October Low, almost 2 months now, we have been stuck in a sideways to Up channel in the Emini SP. There are a couple of reliable cycles that are due to top out in December, which will be followed by a relative sharp decline afterwards. Be prepared.


Sokjun Lee said...

Thax, Raj

Jim said...

Great call for an UP day today 11-28.
As always, appreciate you making your work available. Best Regards, Jim P.

Peter Lo said...

we got that today, i hope all them shorts covered; now whats next Raj, 267/270/ultimately 300 by mid 2018?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Thanks Sokjun and Thank you Jim for being a long term subscriber.

Thanks Peter, Time will Tell.