Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Raj T&C Review and Forecast: Looking for a 3/1-2 Cycle High

From the 1/27 Raj T&C Daily Email: The Cycle bias is 1/26 major High, decline into 2/2L+/-1, 2/3H, chop into a 2/9L and see a retest of the Highs at the 2/10H”

From the 2/3 Raj T&C Daily Email: “As the dominant cycle is a Time Cycle, it does not predict Price magnitude, so we could see a higher or lower High at the 2/10H”

Actual: We made a 1/26 High, decline sharply into 1/31 Low and 2/2 higher Low, we then rallied into 2/3H, chopped lower into 2/8L, 1 day earlier and rallied above the 1/26H and beyond 2/10H. The dominant cycle (shown as the Cyan lines on the chart) worked well through Friday 2/10, when a High was expected, but when we rallied strongly to fresh ATH on Monday 2/13, the cycle was confirmed Non activeThe next day, on 2/14 evening Update, we made a forecast based on various Times and Cycles and E-waves (grey lines) looking for a continued rally into 3/1H.

From the 2/15 Raj T&C Daily Email: “The Cycle bias is we chop higher into 2/21H, decline into 2/23L and rally into 3/1H+/-1

Actual: The markets unfolded as expected, with a 2/21H, 2/24L and we are now rallying into a 3/1 Cycle High.

What’s Next:  The forecast since 2/14 has remained on track for more than 2 weeks now. The recent rally since the 11/4/16 Low has been typical of a wave 3 rally, strong and relentless. We are still expecting a rally into 3/1-2 cycle High at the 2/28 Geo CIT or 3/3 Solar time CIT and start a retrace.


tradingdaze said...


Sun conjunct Neptune, Jupiter opposition Uranus then Venus retrograde.

We should have a change in trend over the next few days.


SJ said...

very good, Raj.

Jim said...

Thanks as always for sharing your work.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Thanks Gord, that makes alot of sense and supporting the 3/3 Solar Time CIT.

You're welcome SJ and Jim, Please note this is not Investment Advice, so please take it Fwiw.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

From last night's email: "The intraday cycle tomorrow 3/1 sees an Inversion day that has a high 79% chance we see a 1st hour cycle High.

We saw a 1st hour High as expected. We now have a 68% chance we see a last hour High.

SPX intraday Time CITs 3/01/17 to watch: 11.25, 12.30, 2.20, 2.55 pm Eastern

Kirk said...

You nailed this cycle today! I used this opportunity to sell SPY call credits spreads expiring in September.

Miguel Sureda said...

Where do you get the 3,5 times the unit ratio from?
Does it follow a specific sequence with other ratios like 1 and 1,5?
And what are the unites where this is aplicable?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Miguel,

3/1-2 = March 1-2

Miguel Sureda said...

Got you. Nevertheless are you aware of any cycles that have the ratio 1, 1,5 and 3,5 in their sequence or as a function of a sequence?

I m thinking spe ifically about the sequence

Miguel Sureda said...

Thank you
Nevertheless are you aware of any specific cycle with the ratios 1 1,5 and 3,5 in their sequence or as a function of their sequence numbers.? Maybe also expressed as 2,3, and 7.
I am thinking specifically about:
131, 88, 88,131,89.,87,131, 315

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Miguel, many cycles has these fractals or derivates that often work and some do not, you have to do the research if they do or not.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Sorry, No I am not

Miguel Sureda said...

Thank you.
I love your work.
I am doing investigations myself.
Cycles are absolutely fascinating. The maths are everywhere yet so much intermingled and they are showing themselves in so may expressions that is mind blowing.