Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast: March 2 Major swing High

Forecast 1 &2: From my 2/12 Raj T&C Daily Email: From the 2/12 Low+/-1,  we rally into Option Expiration week”
Actual: We made a 2/11 major Low (#1 on chart) at 1810.11 SPX as expected, which was the 2/12 Geometric Time CIT (Change in Trend), the 176-77 Trading Day and 90 Calendar Day Cycle Low. From the 2/11 Low, we saw a  sharp 3 day 120.58 SP’s rally into Option Expiration week (#2 on chart).

Forecast 3 &4: From the 2/24 Raj T&C Update: “ The current cycle bias is: we see a 2/24 Low, then rally to a  3/2-3 major High”
Actual: We made a 2/24 Low (#3 on chart) and rallied into 3/1 High (#4 on chart) so far. Did we see a Super Tuesday March 1 High? It is possible, but we still have an important 3/2 at 1.50-2.55 hourly+/- 1 hour CIT today to watch for a potential High.

What’s next: We see a 3/2-3 major swing High at the 3/1 Geometric and 3/3 Solar Time CIT and 22 Trading Day Cycle and then start a relatively sharp decline into the next projected Time and Cycle cluster Low.


ZZ Q said...

what is the next low in your projection?

Waterbaby said...

excellent call !!!!!!

ZZ Q said...

and what does that 22 trading days mean?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Thanks Waterbaby

ZZ The 22 TD cycle was due 3/1

indexfundstrader said...

Hi, Raj,

Do you consider thid is another miss?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

indexfundstrader, no not yet, we ere looking for a 3/2-3 High+/-1, so 3/4 High still qualifies.

I had 3 daily cycles looking for a 3/4-7 High. If we make higher Highs beyond today, then it will be a miss.

Darell said...

Hi Raj - Can you please post an update or comment since the previous cit seems to be a miss so far,