Friday, February 12, 2016

Raj T&C Review and Forecast and Confluence with other markets

Actual: we made a 2/8 Low, 1 day later.

From the 2/8 evening Raj T&C Daily EmailThe updated cycle bias is this week sees a choppy week, with a 2/8L, 2/10H and 2/12-16 Low at the 2/12 Geo and 2/14 Solar weekend CIT and at the next 176-77 TD Cycle due 2/12. 
Actual: We saw a choppy week, with a 2/8 Low, 2/10 High and so far we saw 2/11 lower lows, 1 day earlier.

The next Time and Cycle Cluster is on 2/12-14

Times to Watch:
  1. Friday 2/12 Geo CIT & Sunday 2/14 Solar CIT

Cycles to watch:
1. The 176.5 Trading Day (TD) Cycle: 10/21/09H-173-7/1/10L-178-3/16/11L-177-11/25/11L-172-8/2/12L-177-4/18/13L-178-12/31/13H-181-9/19/14H—176- 6/03/15H—176-Friday 2/12/16.
2. The 90 CD Cycle: 5/20/15H-8/18/15H-11/16/15L- Sunday 2/14/16

What’s Next: We make an important 2/12 Low+/-1.

February 2016 SPX Confluence with  Crude Oil and Interest Rates

The 8 Month SPX cycle due is in February 2016 +/-1 Month, suggesting an important Low is due in February 2016 +/-1 month.

The Crude Oil has a monthly Apex CIT due in February 2016. As we have declined into it, it suggests a Crude Oil Low is due in February 2016 +/- 1 month.

The Bond Interest Rates has a reliable 93 week cycle Low that is due this February 2016 week.

Conclusion: There is a confluence in several markets for a February 2016 turning point that should be important to watch.


Zane Q said...

the low is in for the month of FEB?

Zane Q said...

the low is in for the month of FEB?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

It looks like it, last chance to make a Low is on 2/16 as it is + 1 day

Peter Lo said...

i'm assuming you are projecting higher after mid feb; is this a major low for the year?
Hard to imagine the market rallying to far ahead in to march fomc with rate hike still on the table.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Peter, it is not a major Low for the year. That is yet to come at XXX Date.