Friday, August 21, 2015

Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast August 21, 2015

In my last July 30 July post. I was looking for a 7/31 swing High.

Forecast #1: From 7/31 Raj T&C Daily Report: we should rally into 7/31 geometric CIT Highs and then see another decline into Friday August 7 Lows+/-1 at the 8/6 Geometric CIT.

Actual: We rallied into a 7/31 High and declined 46.33 SP’s into Friday 8/7 Low 
(Forecast #1 on hourly chart, click on chart below to enlarge).

Forecast #2: From the 8/5 Raj T&C Daily Report: “We should decline into August 7 Lows and then rally into 8/10-13 quadruple CIT”

Actual: We made an 8/7 Low and saw a brief sharp 37.44 SP rally to an 8/10 High (Forecast #2).

Forecast #3: From the 8/11 Raj T&C Daily Report: We were expecting a 8/10-13 High and saw an 8/10 High. We should now see an 8/13 Geo CIT Low (#3)"

Actual: From the 8/10 High, we declined 53.26 SP’s into 8/12 Low (Forecast #3 on chart), 1 TD from the 8/13 Geometric CIT.

Forecast #4 +5: From the 8/11 Raj T&C Daily Report: "From this 8/13 CIT Low, we rally into OE week into 8/19H (#4) and see another decline into 8/21 Lows (#5) at the next 10 TD Low due 8/21L and the next 19-20 TD Moon debilitated Scorpio Moon Cycle 8/21-24 Lows.

Forecast #4 +5: From last weekend on Sunday 8/16 Update: "I was doing some research last night. Some analogies suggests we could top out as early as 8/17 and the majority as late as 8/19 and start a relatively sharp decline into 8/21-24 Low...The decline after 8/18H+/-1 should be sharp, so be alert.""

Actual: From the 8/12 cycle Low, we rallied 51.38 SP’s into 8/18 High (Forecast #4) at the 8/18 Solar CIT and projected 8/17-19 High and saw a sharp 67.74 SP’s decline into 8/20 Lows so far (Forecast #5).

What's next: We are approaching some major long term 1X1 support at 2025-30 SPX area, so a bounce/rally would be only natural here. We should see an 8/21 Low at the 8/21 double Geometric CIT, see another brief rally, before we retest the recent Lows at the next major Time and Cycle cluster CIT swing Low.


Krasi said...

Now 21.08 only short term low followed by important(intermediate term) low later - "major Time and Cycle cluster CIT swing Low".
Am I understand it right?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Yes, we should retest today's Low at some later date.

Unknown said...

The low came in much lower so maybe a big bounce monday followed by another leg down.?

Matthew Annitto said...

seem like the bulls are back in control

Unknown said...

Tomorrow is judgement day down hill

platy said...

So, seems like Aug 21 low was off by 1 trading day, and we got our rally. I have a (minor) turn date Monday and a major turn date Aug 4, fwiw.

Matthew Annitto said...

it was a up day

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Platy, I assume you mean 9/4

platy said...

Yeah Sept 4 sorry.

Matthew Annitto said...

what other dates do you have platy?

platy said...

Next date is 9/11 NYSE Ceres cycle.

Matthew Annitto said...

ok thanks