Monday, September 21, 2015

Raj Time and Cycle review and Forecast 9/21/15

From the 8/22 Raj T&C weekend report: “From the 8/21-24L, we are expecting a few days sharp rally and another sharp decline.”
Actual: We bottomed on 8/24L, reversed sharply for 4 days into Friday 8/28H, right at the 8/30 weekend Solar CIT.

From the 8/31 Raj T&C  Daily Email: We are rallying into the 8/30-31 Solar CIT, suggesting an 8/28-31 High. From there we see a choppy light volume decline into 9/4 Lows at the 9/3 Geo and 9/5 Solar CIT.
Actual: From the 8/28H we saw a choppy decline into 9/1 and 9/4 Lows. Since the 9/1L, we have been in a 2 week choppy triangle until last week.

From the 9/18 Raj T&C Daily Email:

9/17/15 was a major T&C Cluster swing High:

  1. The 9/16 double Apex CIT
  2. 9/17 FOMC and Mercury Retrograde
  3. The 9/18 Geometric Time CIT,
  4. 57 Squared weeks from 9/3/29H (+2)
  5. The active Cycle High.

The History and effect of 9/3/29 major High continues to date, credit goes to Mr. James Brock for first discovering this major Time square.

Major Time Squares from 9/3/1929H

1. + 55 Squared weeks = 08/25/87H

2. + 60 Squared weeks = 09/01/98L

3. + 65 Squared weeks = 08/24/10L

4. + 66 Squared weeks = 02/26/13L

5. + 67 Squared weeks =  09/15/15H +2 = 9/17/15H

The active cycle has been in the markets for some time and has pinpointed the 10/15/14 Crash Low and 8/24/15 crash Low and was looking for a 9/16 major High (+1), a 2 days decline into 9/18L, which we saw and now a 9/21 lower High.

What’s next: We should make a 9/21 lower High (lower than 9/17H) and start a relatively sharp decline.

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do you think the sharp delcine is over?