Monday, March 3, 2014

Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast: March 3-4 Low

In my last public post, I was looking for a strong rally from the 2/5/14L Squared CIT Low.

Forecast #1 (Cyan lines on chart) from my 2/4 Email Update: "We should decline into 2/5 Lows, then rally into 2/18 Highs"

Actual: We made a 2/5 Low and rallied a strong 110+ SP's into 2/19 Highs as expected.

Forecast #2 from my 2/18 Email Update: "The bias is then 2/18 geometric CIT High, down into 2/20 double geometric CIT Low, then up again into 2/24-25 Solar and double geometric CIT High."

Actual: We made a 2/19H, declined into 2/20L and rallied into a 2/24H as expected. We then went sideways to lower for 2-3 days into 2/27L.

Forecast #3 from my 2/28 Update: "The 24 squared week cycle has a long track record and suggests a 2/28H and sharp decline into 3/04L"

Actual: We made a marginally higher 2/28 All time High and are now seeing a sharp decline on Monday 3/3.

What's next: We should decline into the 3/3-4 major Time & Cycle cluster Low.
The 3/3-4 Time and Cycle Cluster has a 3/3 Solar CIT, 3/04 geometric CIT and the 3/04 Symmetry Cycle CIT. Also Mars goes Retrograde and Sun trine Jupiter on 3/1 and Saturn Retrogrades on 3/2. The 322-25 TD cycle: 4/26/10H-08/09/11L-11/16/12L-03/04/14L. The 43-46 TD Cycle: 4/18/13L-6/24L-8/28L-10/30H-12/31H-03/05/14.  More importantly, the 24 squared week cycle has a 2/28H and 3/04L. 


Trendtrader said...

Thx Raj for the Update.
God bless you!

sachinsyd said...

We are rallying to new highs??

Raj Time and Cycles said...

sachinsydm, yes that was expected.

Suren said...

Martin Armstrong's models are calling for a "Panic Cycle" in early April. Do you have any cycles that share the same forcast?