Friday, December 7, 2012

Cycle Review and 6 Lunar Month Cycle Update

From 12/1 weekend email: "We rallied into the Friday 11/30 Solar CIT and into 12/2 is the midpoint of JuR &JuD CIT and 12/3 CIT, suggesting a 11/30-12/3 High and turn lower. There are some cycles, like the 55 TD Inverse & 16 TD suggesting a 12/5L"
The Friday 11/30 Solar CIT, 12/2 MP Ju & Monday 12/3 geometric CIT was a Monday 12/3 High right at the Open and have reversed lower into 12/5 Low of the week, which was a VIX CIT.

On 12/5, I posted the intraday Times and Cycles  for 12/5 on the T&C Forum:

Intraday 5 min SPX CIT Times 12/05/12:  10.55, 3.20 pm Eastern
Intraday Cycle is the Cyan lines: (9.40H), 10.30L, 12.45H, 1.40L, 3.30H

Actual: The 10.55 pm CIT (pink vertical Line)was a Bullseye Low. We rallied 18 SP's off the Low into the 3.20 CIT High The intraday cycle was followed near perfection.

On 12/5 I updated clients: "Cycles were looking for a 12/5 Low and a rally into 12/10 High"

Below is one of the simple "secret" cycles I continue to use, but remember to use them in confluence with many other Time and Cycle techniques for improved accuracy.  I first mentioned the 6 Lunar Month Cycle a month ago on 11/7/12 on the T&C public blog.

Interestingly, the Cycle remains active in determining the next Change in Trend (CIT).

The 1/2 year/6 Lunar Month (LM) Cycle inverted again to a 11/28 Low and 12/3 High,
Green Lines on the chart are direct, Cyan Lines are inverted, but CIT hits nevertheless.

6 Lunar Months = 177 CD = 180 degrees/Opposition = 125 TD Cycle

What is unique here is that the cycle predicts major CITs (Highs or Lows) as it switches between inverted (opposite) and direct Hits.

The 6LM/125 TD Cycle:
1. 03/06/12L = 09/04/12 L Direct
2. 03/19/12H = 09/14/12H Direct
3. 04/02/12H = 09/26/12L Inverted
4. 04/10/12L = 10/05/12H Inverted
5. 04/17/12H = 10/12/12L Inverted
6. 04/23/12L = 10/18/12H Inverted
7. 05/01/12H = 10/26/12L Inverted
8. 05/18/12L = 11/16/12L Direct
9. 05/29/12H = 11/28/12L Inverted
10. 6/04/12L = 12/03/12H Inverted
11. 6/10/12H = 12/10/12 H/L CIT
12. 6/19/12H = 12/18/12 H/L CIT

Since the 10/26 Low, the 6 LM cycle saw a 11/16 major Low, then it inverted again and saw 11/28L and 12/3H. Next CIT to watch is 12/10 H/L, 12/18 H/L, +/-1 TD.

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