Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review and Forecast: 12/12H, 12/14L, 12/19H

From the 12/11/12 Daily nightly Email: "We have rallied into the LT geometric 12/10-12 CIT, at the 12/11 SPX Apex C, making a 12/11-12H. There are good odds that we should be lower no later than 12/13. We should see a decline into the next 12/16 weekend Solar CIT, ie 12/14-17L."

Actual: We rallied into the 12/12 right into the FED announcement High and saw a sharp decline into 12/14 NDX Apex and into 12/16 weekend Solar CIT Low at the close.

Long term (LT) geometric Time CITs
6/1/12 was a rare 3 long term geometric SPX CITs (Change in Trend), covering Decades, all clustering on one date, Friday 6/1/12, which became the Monday 6/4/12 Major Low right at the Open.

9/13/12  LT CIT was the 9/14 major High

9/27-28 double LT CIT was the 9/26 Major Low

12/10-12 double LT CIT was the 12/12 High

What is next? We should see some volatile moves in the next few weeks and months. 

Shorter term, from the 12/14 Apex and Solar CIT Low, we should rally into the 12/19 geometric CIT High +/-1.  12/18 +/- 1 is also the next 6 LM Cycle CIT (see previous post).

The last time we had an important Mayan Date was the Harmonic Convergence of 8/16/1987, 1 week before the major 8/25/87 High and 2 months before the markets crashed.

The next important Mayan date is on 12/21/12, which is based on a long term 26000 year cycle.

We should see a Major High, but not until my next long term CIT is due
We should see a sharp decline afterwards.

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