Friday, November 23, 2012

Review & Forecast: 11/16 major Low, up into December

From the 11/16 Daily Email: "The 6 LM Cycle suggests 11/16L and up into 11/27H. Several cycles, including the 6 LM Cycle,  66 week and 132 week and e-waves suggests 11/15-16 Solar & geometric CIT major Low.  Markets declined into the 11/15 Solar CIT, but needs to see a clear reversal higher & close above its steep hourly & daily down channel at 1365 SPX to confirm an initial Low here. We are very oversold here & the E-waves are either complete or should complete  by tomorrow 11/16. We should then see a strong rally into December" 

The NDX 66 week Cycle was the 11/16/12 Low.
3/24/00H-5/22/01H- 10/10/02L-1/22/04H-4/20/05L-7/18/06L-4/26/10H-8/9/11L-
11/16/12 Low

The 132 week Cycle was the 11/16/12 Low
3/24/00H - 10/10/02L - 4/20/05L - 10/31/07H - 4/26/10H - 11/16/12 major Low

Actual: We made a 11/16 major Low at the 11/15 Solar CIT and have  rallied a strong 60+ SP's into 11/23, above key NDX down channel resistance, confirming the 11/16 Lows.

The Solar CITs (Change in Trend) have been amazingly useful:

Solar CITs (84-90% accuracy)
10/2 = 10/2 Low
10/9 =  incorrect
10/16 = 10/15 Globex Low
10/23 = 10/22 High
10/31 = 10/30L
11/07 = 11/6 High
11/15 = 11/16 Low

What's next: We should generally see a strong rally into December 2012.

Shorter term, after the current rally, we should decline again and then make another rally into December.

I have a long term geometric CIT due in December.

Long term (LT) geometric Time CITs
9/13 LT CIT was the 9/14 major High
9/27-28 double LT CIT was the 9/26 Low
Next one is a double LT CIT due in December 2012


Trendtrader said...

Hey Raj, where is your 11/27 high? It disappear?

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Trendtrader, I don't understand your question, isn't today 11/27?

Btw, the 139 TD FIXED Cycle arrived 1 week later at the 11/16 Low. In the world of fixed cycles that is within the norm of such long term fixed cycles.

I used that in addition to the 66 & 132 week cycles,the 6 LM cycle & elliott waves to project the 11/16 Low for subscribers.

Trendtrader said...

everything is good, I have read about the date in your text, but today I have it overlooked so I thought you changed your opinion.