Thursday, August 23, 2012

August Major High?

From last weekend's Email: "The forecast is an 8/17-20 Solar CIT High, down into 8/22- geometric and 8/23 Solar CIT Low of the week"

Actual: We made a 8/21 High(+1 TD) and declined into 8/23 Solar CIT Low of the week.

What's next: 8/23 Solar CIT is most likely an 8/23-24 Low, which is the 10 TD Hurst Low.

We should rally into the next Solar CIT High.

The VIX weekly on 8/20 touched major long term triple horizontal channel support.

The last 3 VIX Trendline Lows were near major stock Market Highs:

1. April 2010 Major High,  

2. April - May 2011 Major High

3. March-April 2012 Major Highs

4. August 2012 Major Highs?

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