Thursday, June 21, 2012

The long term Crash & Panic cycle: A critical time to watch

"I now have another important Long term NDX CIT coming up that should mark an important High or Low. This date is also supported by a Solar CIT on this date. Again if we rally into this date, it will become an important High and if we decline into this date, it will become an important Low. 

My current cycles indicate we are still in a long term Panic window and this date will be an important High or Low to watch."

The amazing Panic cycle: 

10/11/90L-181- 04/4/94L -186-10/28/97L-186-05/22/01H => 4 Month shift!   
09/21/01L-187-4/20/05L-187-11/21/08L-187- 6/25/12L/H?

The long term Panic Cycle (click on chart to enlarge) is the regular 186-187 week Cycle that has some of the biggest crashes in the last 2 decades and is next due in the coming 6/25 week.  

This 187 crash cycle was one of the main reasons I was expecting a major secondary 6/1-4 High, where I had 3 long term timing CITs, but as we declined into this timing CIT, it became an intermediate 6/4 Low and the cycles were proven incorrect.  

Of course, all cycles do expand and contract, but it is interesting that there is an unusual Time & Cycle Cluster in the coming 3 Trading Day window, starting with this Friday 6/22 geometric and Solar timing CIT (Change in Trend) cluster and into Tuesday 6/26 long term NDX geometric and Solar CIT, which falls within the Panic cycle window. This Time window is also supported by some important Astro CITs:  6/24: Uranus Square Pluto, 6/25 Saturn goes direct, 6/27 Venus goes Direct, making these coming 3 days a critical time to watch.

It is entirely possible that this 6/22-26 T&C Cluster window will become an important High instead, like we once did in one of the 186-87 week Crash cycles, back on May 22 2001 High (see chart), before we saw the infamous 9/11 Crash.  


cape mex said...

Hi - Very awesome work!

Some quick questions:
1). Is it possible for a low to occur during this timeframe that makes a HIGHER LOW than the current SPX 1266? Would that in fact be the retest then?

2). Can it occur in the futures and not in the cash indices?

3). Are these events quick and often provide reversals out of them?

Thank you

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Cape mex,

Good questions. Yes it could be a higher Low, but the bias is we will make a lower low in both cash and futures markets.

The event could be quick and fast.

DoctorBoom said...

June 25 (may be some part of June 26 also, but not sure): building right shoulder's top at 1354/5

June 26-28: drop to neckline and breakdown of head & shoulder formation, dropping all the way down to 1287/8

A gift from DoctorBoom since I enjoy readind your cycle prediction, if you think my post is valuable may be you can give me a free subscription of your report, lol.

Raj Time and Cycles said...

There is another possibility, that needs to be mentioned, which is the 187 week cycle may have contracted to 184.5 week cycle into the 6/4 Low and we are now in a bullish mode.

cape mex said...

Hey Raj,
So by your standard and work - tomorrow should setup as the max pain of the 187 period you sutdy correct? Or does can it run past the june 26 date?

If we are at a low but not a lower low it would bee seen as complete off your CIT date correct? which would then be shown as quite bullish?

Thanks greatly Raj

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Cape, all cycles expand and contract all the time, so this one could expand or contract. However, this week remains the most dangerous week if the cycle is exact at 187 weeks.

cape mex said...

Da Raj-man --- are we looking bullish off of the time window passing? I had seen someone have CIT dates of 7/5-7/6 although not sure for what?

Very new to all this so was wondering if this 6/26 one is the strongest or if there are other ones that are stronger.

Based on what I read in the public area - we seemed to have made a serious low?

And I was wondering if you see the ES/SPX as bullish now and maybe in a penant off of all these CIT dates

Thank you for your thoughts in advance!