Sunday, May 20, 2012

Short term Low due, but decline is not over yet

There is a Triple Fibonacci cluster support, right below current prices at 1286-1291 SPX.

1. 61.8% retrace from the 12/19/11L to the 5/1/12H is 1286.41 SPX.
2. 50% retrace from the 11/25/11L to the 5/1/12H is 1290.52 SPX.
3. 38.2% retrace from the 10/4/11L to the 5/1/12H is 1289.59 SPX.

Further more, counting from the 5/1/12 High, if wave 1 = 72.19 SP's = wave 3 = 1293.68 SPX

We have declined into the 5/18-21 Lunar Crash window Low, with Friday 5/18, New Moon -2 being the ideal lunar Low and close to Monday's 5/21 Solar CIT, which was targeting 1290-93 SPX H&S Target, Bear Flag Target, Tunnel Price Target and the 10/27/11 wave 1 High, which were all achieved at Friday's 1291.98 SPX intraday Low.

We also have 2 squares that were due on 5/16 and 5/18, suggesting a short term Low at any time, perhaps we see a spillover decline into Monday 5/21.

I was looking at the current Vedic planetary Transits

Today 5/20 is a Solar Eclipse in the Vedic sign of Taurus. 

From 5/21 at 11.40 - 5/22 at 5.40 pm, We will have an unusual 6 of the 9 planets, Sun, Moon,  Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Ketu (Moon's South Node), conjoined and concentrated together in the Vedic sign of Taurus.

This often is an important time to watch in one's life and the markets.

The intense and immense concentration of Planetary Power will have an impact in a specific area in one's life, depending in which house (area of Life) Taurus is placed.  In general, during eclipses, the Jyotishis recommended to be more inward and silent.

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