Monday, May 14, 2012

Cause for a Crash this OE week?

These comments were posted in the daily Email the last 2-3 weeks:

"In my 2012 forecast, it was noted that 11/13/12  is one of the dates to watch as it the Mahalaksmi's date, the Natural Laws governing wealth (aka as Carolan's Dark date), where 3 major crashes ended in the past, 10/29/29, 10/20/87 and 10/28/97, which were all a few days before the Mahalaksmi date due this year on 11/13/12.

There are 2 eclipses coming up that we need to be aware of: 5/20 Solar Eclipse and 6/4 Lunar Eclipse, as the lunatics can manifest around this time and Panic can set in, perhaps in the troubled European countries.

5/20 Solar Eclipse is exactly 180 degrees from 11/13 Solar Eclipse and if we see a Panic wave develop in the next 1-2 weeks, it should ideally be into 5/18/12, the New Moon -2 CD."

Globex is currently lower by -12, suggesting we will drop below the 1340 SPX Trapdoor to hell (Yellow line, click on chart to enlarge) and go in Panic mode, unless ofcourse we bounce right away, after the opening Price.

Crashes are rare events, so caution is warranted with the following analysis.

Eversince the conjunction of Mars and the Vedic Dragon, Rahu (Moon's North Node) on 4/30/12 (5/1/12) major secondary High, we have been in a steep decline.

The 1987 close correlation, noted by George Slezak and others, saw a 10/7/87 Lunar Eclipse, that then crashed into its Option Expiration (OE) week and into a few days before the Mahalaksmi New Moon.

We are in this Option Expiration week, exactly 180 Lunar Months from the 10/28/1997 Mahalaksmi Crash Low, and a few days before the 5/20 New Moon and Solar Eclipse (SE).

This 5/20/12 Solar Eclipse is exactly 180 degrees from the 11/13/12 MahaLaksmi (Natural Laws governing wealth) New Moon Date, aka as Carolan's Dark date, which has been associated with past crash lows of 10/29/29L, 10/20/87L and 10/28/97L.

Geometric CIT Times to watch this week: 5/15-16 Triple CIT

5/16 is also 720 TD (2X 360) from the 7/8/09 Major Low

New Moon - 2 = 5/18/12
Solar Eclipse: 5/20/12
Solar CIT: 5/21/12, the last 5/11 Solar CIT was the 5/10 High
Geometric CIT:

Is it possible that the 2 Billion JP Morgan (ruler of the crooks) loss will unravel the markets in this OE week, right before the opposition of the Mahalaksmi date?


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