Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Major secondary High is coming up!

From my Sunday 5/20 public post:"We have declined into the 5/18-21 Lunar Crash window Low, with Friday 5/18, New Moon -2 being the ideal lunar Low and close to Monday's 5/21 Solar CIT, which was targeting 1290-93 SPX H&S Target, Bear Flag Target, Tunnel Price Target and the 10/27/11 wave 1 High, which were all achieved at Friday's 1291.98 SPX intraday Low...We also have 2 squares that were due on 5/16 and 5/18, suggesting a short term Low at any time"

Result: We saw a 5/18 Low.

From Monday's 5/21 Raj T&C Daily Email: "Shorter term, we should see a 1-2 day bounce into 5/21-22, then retest the recent Lows by the 5/23 geometric CIT, before we head strongly higher into XXX Major triple Cluster"

Result: We saw a 5/22 High, sharp retest 5/23 Low and have rallied today 5/24 as expected.

So, what's next? We should see continued volatility, with choppiness directly ahead and then rally into my long standing Triple Time & Cycle Cluster major secondary High. From that High the powerful decline should resume with a vengeance.  Be prepared.


RJM11 said...

Are you seeing a higher high than the early May DJIA top or a corrective wave of the recent 1,000 point drop or can you tell?

Unknown said...

doe you see higher top in sp500 to 1420 level,and how long time to that

Silverlady said...

Hi Raj,

what's your XXX Major triple Cluster numbers? it was too small to see on the chart. thanks.


Raj Time and Cycles said...

RJM, No higher Highs, it should be a secondary high.

unknown, not right now.

Hi Silver, the date is reserved for subs.

WatchZombie said...

Where is the triple cluster high ?