Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The dominant Master cycle 2 Update

The dominant Master Cycle 2 last called for a 11/1 major Low 

The MC2 remains on track as it recently suggested alot of chop and a 11/7 Low and a 11/8 High;

In the comments section on this blog, I mentioned on 11/3: 

We should see plenty of Chop, Up and down
From last night's 11/08 email: 

The dominant Master cycle 2 suggests lots of chop with 11/7 Low and 11/8 High

For today 11/9:

The MC2 suggest a down day and down close

 Globex futures are down -27.50 as "Uncertainty over Italy's future slams markets"

The next hourly CIT I have is at 10.35-11.40  am today.

The Master Cycle suggests a huge Spike is coming, be prepared! 


stevesteve121 said...

spike = up OR down?
coming = tomorrow?


stevesteve121 said...

please let us know when the big spike is suppose to happen!

Raj Time and Cycles said...

Hi Steve,

I have to leave something for my subscribers.

Good Luck,


Raj Time and Cycles said...

Master Cycle 2 is unfolding as expected, 11/8 High, 11/10 Low, then massive rally today.

Spike up in progress...