Friday, October 8, 2010

The Master Cycle remains ontrack

The Master Cycle (which is different than the Mother Divine Cycle) remains ontrack (Red lines in chart) as it called for an 8/9 High, decline to 8/30 Major Lows and most recently, it called for a 9/30 High and 10/4 Low before we rallied the rest of this past week. The following forecast was made last weekend (10/2) (via the Raj T&C Emails):

Review of the past week: “The original Master Cycle suggested a 9/30 High from the 8/27 Major Lows. From there we should see a brief, sharp pullback into 10/4-5 Lows +/- 1, target is 1125-30 SPX and another rally afterwards into end of the week and into an October Major High, Target is 1166-68 SPX, before we see a Mini Crash into October/November 2010 Major Lows. The 2/5 SP Cycle, the 120 TD cycle, the 220 TD cycle and the 7/30 SP Cycle all suggests an 10/4 CIT (Low).”

Actual: The Master Cycle proved correct again this past week as we saw an 10/4 Low of the week at 1131.87 SPX, less than 2 SP’s off its target and we rallied the rest of the week as predicted, closing Friday, up 19 SP’s near its Highs of the week at 1163.87 SPX.
The next couple of weeks should be highly rewarding if the Master Cycle remains on track and should present some good opportunities for those who have the timing right.

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