Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Master Cycle remains ontrack in Option Expiration week

The Master Cycle remains ontrack (Red lines in chart) as it called for the rally to continue into 10/13 High of the week. The following forecast was made last weekend (10/11 via the Raj T&C Emails) and was reviewed in this weekend's email:
Review of the past week: "Ideally the market hold its own until Options expire. The Master Cycle suggests a 9/30 High, 10/4 Low and should make an 10/11 and 10/13 double High of the week. The Mother Divine Cycle suggests an 10/15-18 High and a Crash into 11/4/10 Major Lows. The precedent is given to the Master Cycle"

Actual: The Master Cycle again saw another good week as the market unfolded exactly as expected as we saw a choppy rally into 10/13 Major High of the week at 1184 SPX, which is 144 SP’s from the 1040 SPX triple Bottom, we then saw the market moving sideways into 10/15 as expected. The Master Cycle has been active for the last 67 Days, so far so good.

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