Thursday, October 7, 2010

The 9 Days of Mother Divine and a potential Crash Cycle

The 9 Days of Mother Divine starts on 10/08/10

Mother Divine (MD) is the original Force responsible for all of creation and is Lively during these 9 days of Mother Divine in their primordial female forms of Dissolution, Maintenance and creation (Durga, Mahalaksmi and Saraswati). 

The first 3 days of MD,  the Durga forces are Lively, who destroys our own impurities, our evils, our sins and our Ignorance within ourselves. What are some of these evils? Arrogance, Greed,  Lust/addiction, wrath/rage/anger, attachment, ego/pride, etc.  After we have been purified, in the next 3 days, we are blessed by Mahalaksmi, the Goddess of wealth, who bestows all comforts on us.  The final 3 days we are blessed by the Goddess of Wisdom and knowledge, Maha Saraswati. It is through knowledge,we can create a better life for ourselves and others. Thus the process of evolution, is destruction of Ignorance, maintenance through wealth and Creation through Knowledge. These 9 days are considered to be a very auspicious time. How do you get these blessings? Simply by listening to the Vedic chants relating to these dates and can be found here during the 9 days:   Channel 3 and click on "Flash"

The 9 Lunar days of Mother Divine occurs twice a year in the Vedic Lunar Calender in the Lunar Month around Mid March/Mid April and also in Mid September/Mid October. It starts around the New Moon. They are 6 Lunar Months apart.

The 9 Days of Mother Divine potential Crash Cycle Research:

The Research on the 9 days of Mother Divine was inspired by Chris Carolan (, who discovered that there was a direct Lunar day Link in that there were exactly 717 Lunar Months (1 Lunar Month = 29.53 CD) between the 10/29 Crash and 10/87 Crash and that 1987 was a Lunar day by lunar day copy of the 1929 Crash, ie 9/3/29H=8/25/87H, lunar day by lunar day into the 10/29/29 Crash Low = 10/20/87 Crash Low, Day for day. Also the actual crash occurs in the 7th Lunar Month following the spring on his “Dark Days”, the New Moon -2.

1. In 1929, the 9 days started on 10/02/29 and ended on 10/10/29. There was a 10/2/29L and a 10/10/29 secondary High Before the Big Crash into 2 days before Deepavali (Mahalaksmi) Day, Goddess or Natural laws governing Wealth = New Moon following the 9 Days.

2. In 1987, the 9 days started on 09/23/87 and ended on 10/02/87 .There was a 09/22/87L and a 10/02/87 secondary High before the Big Crash into a few days before Deepavali (Mahalaksmi) Day, Goddess or Natural laws governing Wealth= New Moon following the 9 Days.

3. In 1997, the 9 days started on 10/1/97 and ended 10/9/97, There was an 10/8/97H before the Big Crash into a few days before Deepavali (Mahalaksmi) Day, Goddess or Natural laws governing Wealth= New Moon following the 9 Days.

In all 3 Crash-markets the secondary High was at the END of the 9 days and the New Moon -2 (Mahalakmi Day= Natural law of wealth) after that was the Crash Lows. It is as if all wealth was surrendered (crashed) to the lotus feet of the Great Goddess of wealth.

Please note these Vedic Lunar dates does NOT align this year with the Jewish Holidays.

Before drawing any wild conclusions,  please remember Crashes are rare events and the Mother Divine Days occurs twice a year, so many times no crashes have occurred in these time frames.

May the great Mother bless us all.


John said...

Hi all,
I noticed sometime ago that Jupiter was at the same degree on October 19th as the flash crash on May 6th . Also the date is linked to Sept 11 2001 .
So pay to be careful this time around

Sy said...

"Sani's (Saturn) transit in Kanya (Virgo) from 11/5/10 into 8/2012 slows/weighs down financial progress/Economic recovery for USA"

Sani will move into Tula Nov 15, 2011. Please explain the above statement.